Garden Maintenance

The Green Doctors design, build and maintain gardens, flower beds, paths and any other areas at the customer's request. We are available for:

  • Planting shrubs, hedges and ornamental trees
  • Installing and cutting lawns
  • Cleaning gardens, pruning plants, hedges and cutting tall trees with an aerial platform
  • Installing irrigation systems
Our team is highly experienced and equipped with top-quality machinery, (lawn mowers, motor mowers, brush cutters, chainsaws etc), which allows them to carefully maintain and restore all types of green areas and gardens.

Maintenance of orchards and olive groves

Our gardeners will care for and maintain orchards and olive groves as well as provide treatments as needed. We have state-of-the-art electronic equipment which allows us to work in an effective and timely manner, all the while providing top-quality results for your garden.

We make the fences!

The Green Doctors are experts in constructing wooden fences in a cross pattern or simpler design. The wood we use is autoclave-impregnated pine, either in raw or turned chestnut. Ideal for bordering green areas, parks, gardens, flower beds or play areas. The advantage of using a wooden fence is primarily down to the natural raw material, which is well suited to the context of the garden. Wood is a good-looking material, resistant over time and very versatile. Wood can be easily crafted into different shapes and colours to give an artistic and personalised touch to your garden. Wooden fences are recommended for homes set in the hills, mountains or outside of the city, as they give the garden a rustic and natural appearance that suits the surroundings.

Vinificazione da cantine qualificate

Un sevizio unico sul vigneto. Curiamo il vigneto dalla concimazione alla raccolta, con potatura e trattamenti periodici necessari. Dopo la raccolta offriamo un servizio di vinificazione ed etichettatura personalizzata delle bottiglie. Unici in Abruzzo.

Swimming pool construction and maintenance

The Green Doctors is not only 'green', we also offer construction and maintenance services of swimming pools!